Zhengzhou Excursions

I have to admit that despite being a Chinese-Thai, I have tried to avoid China for all along, and that China in my imagination was quite intimidating, with all the language barriers, the congested population, the pollution and the manners… But finally it was time that I have to go to China for work. My…

Four days in Durban

I remember that night. The meeting time at the airport was 11 p.m. but at 7 p.m., I was still in Ayutthaya. My bag wasn’t packed. I was so drowsy. With all pressing schedules, most of my work and leisure trips have gone off unprepared lately, but for this trip I was less prepared than…

Pretty ballerina

 Just realized Im so much in love with Jeff Koons’ ballerina series.            

Hemis Festival, India

It doesn’t look like India, isn’t it? I found this festival during research for my next article. The Hemis Festival is held at Hemis Gonpa monastery in Ladakh every year to celebrate thie birth of Lord Padmasambhava. The Cham dances and performances illustrate the story of good and evil.

Half day in Bangsaen

 If you are interested in having a Thai beach getaway, you should come to Bangsaen. After attending a weddding we spent a night here. I used to attend a secondary school here long time ago and never thought of spending a time here (too local, too busy). It turned out to be better than expected….

Colors of Jaipur

It can be said that the human race can be divided into two types of people: one type is the people who hate India, and the other type the people who keep going back to this country, and I, myself, seem to fall into the latter type. Despite the heat, chaos and all the craziness,…

Lamu Island

Lamu Island, Kenya.  Thanks @Sandylamu for sharing and proving that this place really exists.                       


 The secret of Bagan lies in this little corner by the Ayarwaddy river. So precious, so peaceful.  


When it comes to art, I like the art that can be perceived in many levels. On the surface it looks pleasing to the eyes, and has hidden messages deep down. And Jakkai’s works are just like that. At first glance, the new works in his Displaced exhibition are impressive with colorful schemes and children’s…

In love with Isfahan

Obviously, Iranians seem to have a thing for ceilings.  My theory is… God is in heaven, and to make people get closer to God, they decided to make intricate ceilings so once you get into a space, whether it’s a mosque or a palace, you end up looking towards the sky at the first second…